by Time Grid

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released January 21, 2013

Mathias Reusser : vocals and keyboards
Laetitia Fontannaz : vocals
Rémi Poussier : drums
Pierre Sottas : bass
Raphaël Sudan : keyboards
Steve Huber : guitars



all rights reserved


TIME GRID Switzerland

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Track Name: Deceit
Hidden in a secret way, waiting for a perfect day for crimes...
He's found a young lady, in a poor neighbourhood, pretty and a little shy...

If you come with me, you will get almost everything... come on follow me, just take the chance to get what you need...

Innocently, artless and free, she thought she was living a dream. That was a trick. immediately she fell in...

But the disillusion happened and she did understand... She was caught in a nasty trap...

I was shure this was a miracle, I was so artless, trying to fly. I thought it was a sign for me, or a chance to see more than my little world. i will never dream anymore.

I'll never see my family anymore...
You were told, now it's too late...

Deceive my heart, destroy my life, control my thoughts, wash out my hope, but never expect to get one more smile...

I don't care, you're my slave, just for me, for my own fantasies...
Take a look at my face. don't you like when I smile, waiting for more...?
It is time, you know for what. Do your job! Right now, don't make me wait...

She was crying everyday. The young lady was in jail somehow and now, she's dirty and ashamed.

Now that I've lost my freedom and my joy... i can't stay, I want to die...

I own your life, I wrote your fate...
You could have been the one I would have loved. If you want to play with me, will you do it with my corpse...?
Track Name: Emptiness
Permit me to say some words,
Some words about a man I knew
Let me tell you in some lines
A modern tale that could change your mind...

This man was about forty-one
He seemed nobody in the crowd
Bound forever, as he thought, to the woman of his life

They met about five years ago
Philosophy, he professed
On the hall stairs he saw her
The sparkles of love in both their eyes danced

Ever since, the same path they trod
When together they were
Vanished, was the world around!

As the swallow leaving our lands for nowhere
Forsaking the winter behind
Their joy admitted of silence
As illness grew in her body

Hopes and dreams faded out with haste
As time elapsed, weaker and weaker
She tried to survive but fate ran faster
As she sank into an endless sleep

When every tears should have been shed
And every grief should have struck down
Torment did not strike

Oh, meanless times
In wich Man, denying his past,
Forsook with no back look
The power left in his hands
Led by his fear, being nobody's child
Man, turning instinct to reason,
Unconsciously carved his feelings coffin...

Time remembrances filled his mind
Instants of grace and peace
Flying in the clouds, led by trust
Life was you, life was us!

He felt that time for him had come to start his quest for pain
No matter what it's cost

Plenty of paths revealed to his mind
But amidst many choices
Evidence disclosed her face
He took the way of blood
He knew that the way he chose
Could not be traded back
The dice were cast, he saw suffering
To harves pain!

Brighter, was the path for violence
While darkened the way of feelings
The emptiness that came over his self
Threw him in the spirals of madness

Light fades, earth shakes, fire grows, air burns, night laughs, bolt strikes, eye flows voice cleaves!

Why did you die, taking my ming in the cold depth of your quietness!

A new sun arose
And without him realizing
His dark cloak weighed him no more
Peace had been restored
The ground gave way
But by the flow of his thoughts
He caught the meaning of his salve
Death had kissed his soul...
Track Name: Me
Late at night, all alone, counting all my wealths
Everything belongs to me in my castle
Fire's burning, nevertheless I'm still cold
I don't remember what warmth means...

When I'm alone, looking through my gold framed window
I see them smile, I see them smile...

I've never given anything to anyone
I wish I could be loved but I can't open my heart...

At the end of my days
I realized I've missed the train, lost my friends
Selfishness has destroyed my life

Almost dead, locked out in my solitude, I cry...
I have no one to confess my faults, to forgive me

I remember, I had a friend needing my help, needing my hand
I didn't see, I walked away. That was my life, that was my past
Always trying to be the best, to get the rest, never giving...

I want to try to be gentle
I want to smile, at least for once
Help me, I'm old. Goodbye, i'm dying...

If I had the time, I'd learn to share
To enjoy life as two, but it's too late...

In the end, trembling, I'm writing to the sky
I hope my letter will be red at my death

I'll only keep my pride and my tears in my eternal sleep.
Track Name: Blind
Just open your eyes and look around, injustice everywhere, and no one cares...
I'm just a slave working day and night, far from my home with no parents and friends...

Who would you be, if the world wasn't what it is?
I don't care, I could be your friend, let me free, I want to go home...
And your eyes can see me, and your ears can hear me, but your mind always falls asleep...

We feed our hearts with unsubstantial food, prefering luxury to brotherhood
We always want more, there's never enough, what would you think if you were this poor child?

I'm a woman, and this is my crime
Money weights more than life in misery...

And your eyes can see me, and your ears can hear me, but your mind always falls asleep...

High in the sky, above the mountains, a tower of glass, springs up from the filth of poverty...

Look! The result of my work, it could pierce through the sun, if my thirst remains...

We feed our hearts with unsubstantial food, materialism opposed to brotherhood

I wish I could help them but my life is not theirs, so let me sleep until next day shines again!
Track Name: Zephir
In the night, when the dreams time comes
My eyes can't find any rest
The moon itself, splendour from the skies
Stares at you with bitter envy...
The rythm of your heart, running through my ears
Makes all my senses fall in dance with you
Your slumber, as precious as diamonds
As frail as crystal

I get lost, when...

When your first wake up glance is mine
You make me out of breath

Will you stab me, burn me to ashes,
Quench my thirst, for you...?
And I cry over your beauty, my persian Jewel

I fell sick, but
I don't wish to be cured
Your being flies me to uncharted lands...

The light of dawn, covering darkness,
Attempts to warm up your flesh in vain
Since the day we met, you have made me know
I was the only one to vanquish your shiver
When your lips whisper some love words
I fall down the rabbit hole
The running of my hands over your velvet landscapes,
Leads me to oceans of thrilling waves

I'm sinking...

I let myself carrying away, you bring me to your heaven

Let me touch you, feel you like never,
Hold you forever
And I could die for any of your kiss
If you would forsake me

I fell sick, but
I don't wish to be cured
Your being flies me to uncharted lands...
Track Name: Forsaken
Three years old. Just old enough to understand. I was the last time I saw your face...
I can't remember your hair, your eyes colour...
But anyhow you're my mom, the one that gave me birth...
I wish I could see you just once...

I will not be afraid, no. Just want to know who you are...

Now I've got a new life, I've got a new house, new parents. Now I'm used to call them "mom" and "dad"...

You have forsaken me cowardly. I want to forget your name, the way you walked away.
I wish I was somebody's child...

You have chosen my name, but you didn't let me take you as a pattern.
I don't know where I'm from. I will never know. I will lead my new life, the one you have chosen for me...
I think I can understand your choice, now that I have adopted my new mom and dad...

They seem to be my real parents. It's almost as if they were my begetters, but they aren't. I don't know wich blood pours in my veins... If you're still alive, please, give me a sign...
Track Name: Escape
Seven o'clock
another monday morning
my eyes are shut
I cannot stay sleeping
there's fog in my head
another crapy day's coming

Out of my home, the rain's always pouring
people are sulking, and everything seems grey

Anyway I'm sulking too...
my whole life is a great mess
locked up in a silver chest

Let me go through the gate of all my dreams, and just throw the key over the clouds!

Just leave me alone
unsatified vultures
how much do you need!
You all, thirsty leeches!

People are passing by like canned food at a supermarket's cash desk
all I want to do is go back home and sleep an endless night...

There was a time, years ago, when everything was so easy...
I was with you, you were with me.
my dreams were so close to reality...

Tonight I bought some easy happiness that will flow into your veins and dilute in your tears...

I feel little hands
clinging on to me
your misleading mask
can't hide your real face!

You rats!
plague bringers!
we must seize you!
you're gnawing my life!
we wish you a nice day

Dark is the world to those who only want to see its shadows
just let your mind wander along the grid of time...

I'm seeking, but I can't find no way out
take me away, beyond time and space
make me fly and break my agony...

Go on, fly above the stars
you'll only find the gaping gulf of your dried up soul

I'm trying to escape with all my illusions
whereas I'm already drowning in it

It's time for me me to open my eyes
Dissipate the fog of my mislayed thoughts!

Now that you see the world's colours again
Now that I feel the warmth of the sun caressing my worn skin
Open yourself to the truth
Let me realize I'm alive
The happiness you give, makes yours real...

Yes I will escape this prison I built, to return to reality

Once in my life, I'm gonna take a new start, aim for other goals
Open the doors of my heart on the world...